Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I did it! I got my but out of my warm bed on my day off. I have to admit the Holiday Booty Buster Challange helped get me out of bed- can't be a slacker on the first day. It was 23 degrees out. Ouch! Got my sneakers....yes they still had the timing chip from the marathon on them... So I didn't really plan a loop or a distance I just went out the front door to run! First mile felt great I was so happy to be out there... I have literally been going crazy from not being active. But then after what I estimated to be mile two my achilies tendon and left knee (the spots of me most sore after the marathon) started SCREAMING so I walked the mile I had left back to my apartment. Not too bummed out. Just glad to get out there. I'll go to the gym today and do the elliptical or cross trainer.

GOALS: I want to become a better runner. And I think going into a marathon with NO running base at all. I did take 15 weeks to train, but even that is skimping it. So chatting with my dad we decided leg strengthening (on weight machines) and getting up to a solid 15-20 mile per week base is one of the ways to do this. (other suggestions???) So right now that is my goal... to get up to that base, taking it slow, and letting my body learn to run without getting injured... because I came too close too many times training!

That said...I did have my snazy new heart rate monitor on a Timex Ironman Road Trainer! I debated getting a gps thing, but I dont want to be slave to the numbers-  yet.... (I tend to get obsessed with numbers if i have access to them) It was my present to myself at the expo. I think I'm a bit de-conditioned... my HR was 180 for the running part! I recovered real quick, but normally when I test it myself I'm a bit more 160-170s! So thats a good fitness goal!

So I'm dreaming of when my body is done being beat up by the marathon and I can get up my speed and have an ache/pain free run... That high is amazing...I'll be chasing after it for a little while i think! 


Denise said...

Having a good mileage base is so important. Take your time and build that up. I try to keep around 30 miles a week and then for the marathon training I took it out to ~45 miles a week. You should increase your mileage by a VERY little amount each week. I forget the percentage they recommend but it's seriously only a mile or two increase each week or you run a higher risk of getting hurt. Good luck!

Landy said...

Congrats on your marathon. I think it's awesome you're a nurse. I have a BA in English but have been thinking about going back and becoming a nurse actually. Go to Allrecipes.com and search for "Black Bean Vegetable Soup." That's a pretty good and healthy one that requires a food processor. I add cilantro and a dollop of fat free sour cream to it and I think it's pretty good.

RunToFinish said...

ahh the recovery phase... it's so weird that we find relaxing hard.

N.D. said...

Wow, great job getting out there, it is FREEZING for sure, and I wouldn't go outside to run at all!!! Sorry about your knee and achilles though! I think the base of around 15- 20 miles would be good to start and build from. Also just doing the long runs (8+) once a week once you get into it. I am the same with #s. I get obsessed!!!

Laurel said...

I would suggest working on your core, abs and back.

After I got injured last year EVERYONE kept banging this into my head. If I wanted to keep running injury-free and stronger, I needed a stronger back (especially lower) and abs. Once your legs fatigue, it's up to your core to keep you upright and going and if it's not strong, your form gives out and that's when your legs get injured.

So I worked on it this year while I was training for Philly and it REALLY helped.

Also, biking on the trails around here on my days off really built up my leg strength!

Hope that helps a little! Good luck!!

Janice said...

hello from Ky....

I love your blog, I will come back when I have more time and read more, but as of now.... love it.
I ran Boston this last April and fell in love with the area. My plan is to requalify so I can go back and visit longer. Never been to philadelphia, maybe I better check it out sometime.

Run Far!

prashant said...

Congrats on your marathon
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