Thursday, November 20, 2008

So I walked all over the city today to get "supplies" for the marathon. Cheap throw away hat. check. Cheap fleece (10 bucks!). check. Gu's (expresso Love mmmmmm). check. and I got the brightest blue under armor top. I know you're not suppose to do anything new on race day. But I think this brilliant blue shirt will be a good thing. And K-mart has the coolest gloves ever. 1.99 for  "3 in 1" gloves. They have two gloves, the typical cheap stretchy cotton stuff, except one is fingerless. I figure I'll be cold milling around in corrals for maybe 30-40 minutes so this way I can peel one of the layers off pretty soon, and keep the fingerless ones as long as a like! I got my dad a pair too. So its looking like I'll be wearing  glorious spandex running tights, my brilliant blue top, a fleece vest, and then the "throw away" fleece, hat and gloves. Oh I got a purple ear band to. I hate cold ears from wind blowing by. If I want to get particularly colorful I might throw on a pair of running shorts. I think I am thinking about clothes too much. Good displacement of nerves!

Went on my first road run in 2 1/2 weeks yesterday- 3 miles. It felt great to be on the road again. I felt a little sluggish, but this tapering thing must really do something because I ran much faster than I felt! But it was so cold! When my dad rolls in tomorrow we are planning a brisk walk and then a short boathouse row run /walk on Sat. From the sounds of it he, and my mother, cannot wait until this "running thing of Kristin's" is done. Although I think he is beginning to love the shorter runs. 

In other news: I started to decorate for the holidays as my roommate and I (long time friends) are hosting a little family pre-marathon shin dig. I don't have to cook!- just clean,  decorate and keep procrastinating from school and work responsibilities.

Thanks for the well wishes from my new blog friends Laurel, Denise and Lil Runner! This new blog following definitely adds to the excitement and is inspiring! eeeeeeeeeee 3 days!!!

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Laurel said...

LOL! You are a true runner. Obsessing about what to wear right before the race. You sound like an old pro :)

You are going to have a great run on Sunday. I will keep a look out for a bright blue shirt and a purple earband

Have fun at your party..