Friday, January 16, 2009

Running in the Cold

SO I've been MIA from the blog, but not from running!! To back track.... I got two runs in when I was in icy/snow/friggin' freezing NH over new years. A 3 miler and 4 miler. One after a full day of skiing! It was so cool to run through the crunchy snow. I don't think I could feel my legs towards the end, and was STOKED for the hot tub after each run. That week I got in 7 miles over three runs with my cross training being two full days of down hill skiing... slim but I'll take it as Im GRADUALLY building the base.

The next week  I got in 2 runs and a bike session at the gym totaling 10.4 miles over 2 runs. These runs were very very cold. 14 degrees cold, I find you do warm up after 5 minutes and I am amazed how my sweat doesn't find a way to freeze!... I think it was frozen on the tips of my gloves!

This week: My sweet road bike was STOLEN out of my basement the previous friday! So Wednesday I went to keswick cycle company in Glenside, complements of a car ride from my grandparents. I got a sweet way better Specialized Allez!!! It cost the same as my other K2 and is WAY better. To bad I'm a chicken and I think its too cold for a long ride today. I'll test it out going to work on Monday. So yea... they broke into our basement (my roommate and I that is) and took our bikes-- cut my lock to do it. Fortunately our insurance covers it... PAIN IN THE BUTT...

So I had 30 min to kill before my grandparents dinner reservation and I got a 2 miler in...showerd and was ready to go, all in 30 min! Go me. 

Thursday I worked and went to a patients wake.. more on that.

Right now my arm is killing, as it has a pulled muscle. My gym has free training sessions, I finally did one. And I guess they pushed me a bit hard... and it is pulled/strained! But the workout was killer.

So now I am debating to run 6-8 on a treadmill, or outside. More to come after as to my rationale! It says feels like 3.... and I'm going to bundle up and go for as long as I make it!



Denise said...

These temps are terrible!! I'm going to venture out tomorrow, though. If it was anything under 10 miles, I think I'd do it at the gym just to stay warm.

Nice to have you back!

Laurel said...

We have a 16 miler scheduled this weekend, but I have had a fever for the past 2 days, so I think I am going to sit out until Monday. I have to say, I'm happy it will be a little warmer.

I can't believe your bike was stolen! That sucks!

We haven't thought too much about the relay yet, although a few bloggers had mentioned they would like to do it. If we do sign up, you want in? We probably wont make a final decision for a couple of months (money issues).

Anonymous said...